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Baby Boomer Peels new at Indulge Salon York PA

February 05, 2012 By: Kimberly Category: anti-aging, chemical peels, hair color, haircutting, skin care

I have to tell you that our skin care is on the cutting edge when it comes to Guinot skincare and chemical peels. We have had the most intense training with these new chemical peels at our S. George Street location. You see, I have been feeling a little older and not as sexy as I used to feel. I see wrinkles around the eyes, I have been experiencing dark spots on the cheeks and I ask myself when did this happen? I look at myself everyday as I’m sure you do however; it has become quite apparent that my body is lashing out at me by producing skin folds that I am not accustomed to. The fight must go on to maintain our youth.

The new Baby Boomer peel so the skincare specialist calls it. I say it’s the peel that takes away the wrinkles and excess skin cell buildup that causes these cells to create wrinkles. The best part of this peel is that it will remove the dead skin, brighten the skin and create this unbelievable tightness that makes you look younger. At first I thought wow this is really tight and it started to peel as expected then by the third day my face was peeling like a snake. I was horrified that my skin was peeling and you know you are not supposed to pull on the loose skin. How could you not? Anything foreign on the body or face I will be at it. It’s part of the perfectionist personality. We feel that everything must be perfect. I would examine my skin and flakes, I would revisit the mirror in the house many times to make sure my skin was getting better day by day. It was it just took a little while. By the 4-5th day, I was better than ever. My make up looked better, my skin was smooother and you should have seen around the corners of my eyes! minimized wrinkles. I looked amazing. So if you would like to see my before’s and durings go to to see my face during the peeling process. It’s so worth it. I will be forever a fan..

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