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Best Blonde hair shades are made not born

February 21, 2012 By: Kimberly Category: blonde hair, blow drying frizzy hair, hair color, haircutting, highlights, keratin treatment, long hair

highlights, blonde hair, long blonde hair, blonde hightlights

mutli dimensional blonde hair

I have been seeing a lot of new faces in the salon these few weeks. I see that these new faces are struggling with super damaged hair. Either wrong color such as orange and brassy streaks that were not totally colored, white blonde hair on the ends that some people think looks great with banana yellow hair at the scalp (yikes), and last but not least the hot red roots at the scalp and the brown blah color on the ends.  If you want to see some really beautiful blondes go to These situations make me feel so bad yet on the other hand in York, PA we can really help people fix their hair blunders. I enjoy taking the above scenario and helping someone decide which color is right for their skin tone, which haircut is perfect for their face shape, and ultimately how can I bring the inside out for everyone to see with haircutting and coloring techniques.

When we see these situations at the salon, we work together as a team. I know you think we are miracle workers, which we are sometimes but it really takes some skill and know how to make these hair color blunders turnaround. Many times we have to perform a cleansing of the hair with some enzymes that keep the actual hair integrity in good shape but remove the artificial hair color from the previous hair coloring experience. then we have to make sure that we removed as much of the previous color as possible. Then we have to evaluate the actual fiber of the hair and the porosity to see how much new color will be absorbed in the hair fiber and hold. We actually should be licensed as a chemical engineer with all of the medications that people take even vitamins coat the hair. I know something new to learn here in the hair world. We have experienced transformations from Dallastown, PA, Harrisburg, PA, Lancaster, PA, Greensboro, GA, and New York, NY just to name a few. It’s not just what we know it’s how the application of product and the usage of the products we use that makes the most difference. I have spent years, well over 26 years in the hair industry traveling to Alaska (I’ll tell you about that story some time), and all over the world really exploring new hair coloring and haircutting techniques to know what I know. I actually spent time with a chemist teaching me so many concepts around hair bleach to lighten and remove color in the hair. So many products that are tested will get runny, over flow and puff up, expand in beakers but don’t have any results on the hair. So my advice is that if you are walking around unhappy with your hair, feel free to call anyone on our team if you need some help figuring it out. To all of you box color fans, banana does not look cute on anyone. Cheers!

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