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Sometimes we need a little love’in with Indulge Salon in York PA

June 07, 2012 By: Kimberly Category: anti-aging, blonde hair, hair color, highlights, living happy, skin care

On days when we are not quite up to par with life and it gets us down we need a little pick me up.

I’m sure you are nodding your head as you read this because I know exactly what you are experiencing. I would love to call off work and stay in my pajama shorts but no…….I have to get up and LEAD my team to success every single day. I encourage them to be their best at what they did in haircutting and coloring to give their best to their clients. We never know what someone else may be going through in their life that they just want  us to listen to them or just to not make decisions. We are in the business of inner beauty and outer beauty. I know it sounds silly but when the inside is hurting, its better to make the outside look better with some new highlights, new makeup application to bring out the best tones in the skin that compliment the eyes and really makes you feel better. As you start to feel better about how you look on the outside, the inside starts to feel more confident.

For example, with so many people losing their jobs, the experience crushes the self esteem.  Situations that are out of our control are just that “out of our control” and we have to evaluate what is important and to believe that another solution or job opportunity will arise to better your life. Believing that your life will be better is essential to good living and good skin. 

Living life happily will result in a healthier body.

If you are in need of a hug, stop by they are FREE. Have a colorful day.

The NEW Brazil Balayage at Indulge Salon York PA

June 03, 2012 By: Kimberly Category: hair color, haircutting, highlights, long hair

I have seen some of the most beautiful hair colors in the world at our private showings with vendors. Yes, I’m that lucky to be able to be part of such prestigious seminars for hairstylists. I habitually take my team members to expose them to such talent that we interpret this and adjust for our clients in York, PA.

After seeing the new inspirations for the season, I travel to our salon Indulge, A colour salon 180 from ordinary in Greensboro, GA close to the Spotlight Theatres. As a matter of fact, I was just there performing a workshop on the latest trends in hair color which are Ombre highlights which infuse light into the hair from the mid lengths to the ends being much lighter in contrast with the scalp color which is usually a bit darker. Stunning colors were at large in our workshop mixing red violet shades with blonde on a dark blonde base. Our workshop attendees adored the color results.

We have been performing the Ombre highlighting technique for two years now and we have updated the technique to the Brazil Balayage which is where trend setters have had it with the old ways and incorporated their own rebellious influences that appear to be sun kissed. Cool violets which are more a truly cool cool blonde. Not so ashy but more on the beautiful cool violet tones.

We have another new technique that is darker in texture with mystery that has launched for the summer that has three zones appearing to mesh dark red violets into the deep richness of a dark dark almost black with violet blue tonality. This look is stunning on really shorter bobbed hair with more length in the front. This same technique can be done with blondes that have contrasting darker blonde with the cool violety tones.

Call today if you are totally into being rebellious about your haircolor! 717.846.4424, or look for a location nearest you at

Where did the name Brazilian Keratin treatments start?

May 21, 2012 By: Kimberly Category: blonde hair, blow drying frizzy hair, highlights, keratin treatment, long hair, Uncategorized

Just the facts please. The Keratin treatments to smooth hair began in a rural town in Brazil more than 10 years ago. someone discovered that certain preservative chemicals seemed to link keratin to hair, resulting in a frizz free lock that lasted for months. Of course, this got the attention of Brazilian cosmetic manufacturers, who began testing and formulating.

Researchers discovered when the outside layer of the hair called the cuticle is opened, the protein keratin can be applied and absorbed along with a cosmetic-grade formaldehyde, which is known to cross link proteins in the hair. Then, the cuticle is sealed with multiple passes of the heated flat iron at 450 degrees. On pre-lightened or sensitive hair, we use less intense heat which seals the cuticle closed resulting in protected hair. During the flat ironing process, the heat can cause fumes to be released. In the beginning of our salon experience with products such as these, we found that the more solution that was used the more intense the fumes. That situation had occured only one time in the salon and then we had reduced the amount of solution used for the application to be absorbed into the hair. This product only works when heated with a higher heat. This step – the fumes (remember if to much is used) is the center of the keratin treatment controversy. Our salon, Indulge, A colour salon 180 from Ordinary, has trained many stylist in these specific treatments. We are very experienced and discovered that most of the problems were the salon owners and stylists that were not experienced in the field and didn’t understand that less product is more beneficial that using to much. Usually, in the beauty industry the stylists think more is better in which this is not the case.

The facts are according to Doug Schoon, a chemist and presiden to  Schoon Scientific in Dana Point, California, any keratin treatment product that supposedly contains formaldehyde actually uses an ingredient called formalin. Formaldehyde is a gas and cannot be a liquid, so could not be added as a cosmetic ingredient. Mr. Schoon explained that formlin is created when dry formaldehyde gas is reacted with water to create a new and different substanced called methylene glycol.

Methylene glycol is  a totally different chemical with completely different properties with completely different characteristics. apparently, this has been a long standing year mistake made by scientists, doctors and regulators until Last December when formalin’s name was officially changed in the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients dictionary.

when you heat the formalin, it can convert back to the original form of formaldehyde gas in the air. Doug Schoon is currently working with a manufacturer to measure the amount of formaldehyde fumes stylists may be exposed to when using flat irons with formalin-containing products. This is good news.

We have learned to ventilate well in our salon so that the fumes are not released into the face of our customer and to our stylists. the gas does evaporate however; we do not want to take any chances. If you are ready for a Brazilian Blowout keratin treatment call us at 717.846.4424 or 717.718.4465 for more information or visit our site at and click services to read all of our information regarding keratin straightening and smoothing treatments.

Best Blonde hair shades are made not born

February 21, 2012 By: Kimberly Category: blonde hair, blow drying frizzy hair, hair color, haircutting, highlights, keratin treatment, long hair

highlights, blonde hair, long blonde hair, blonde hightlights

mutli dimensional blonde hair

I have been seeing a lot of new faces in the salon these few weeks. I see that these new faces are struggling with super damaged hair. Either wrong color such as orange and brassy streaks that were not totally colored, white blonde hair on the ends that some people think looks great with banana yellow hair at the scalp (yikes), and last but not least the hot red roots at the scalp and the brown blah color on the ends.  If you want to see some really beautiful blondes go to These situations make me feel so bad yet on the other hand in York, PA we can really help people fix their hair blunders. I enjoy taking the above scenario and helping someone decide which color is right for their skin tone, which haircut is perfect for their face shape, and ultimately how can I bring the inside out for everyone to see with haircutting and coloring techniques.

When we see these situations at the salon, we work together as a team. I know you think we are miracle workers, which we are sometimes but it really takes some skill and know how to make these hair color blunders turnaround. Many times we have to perform a cleansing of the hair with some enzymes that keep the actual hair integrity in good shape but remove the artificial hair color from the previous hair coloring experience. then we have to make sure that we removed as much of the previous color as possible. Then we have to evaluate the actual fiber of the hair and the porosity to see how much new color will be absorbed in the hair fiber and hold. We actually should be licensed as a chemical engineer with all of the medications that people take even vitamins coat the hair. I know something new to learn here in the hair world. We have experienced transformations from Dallastown, PA, Harrisburg, PA, Lancaster, PA, Greensboro, GA, and New York, NY just to name a few. It’s not just what we know it’s how the application of product and the usage of the products we use that makes the most difference. I have spent years, well over 26 years in the hair industry traveling to Alaska (I’ll tell you about that story some time), and all over the world really exploring new hair coloring and haircutting techniques to know what I know. I actually spent time with a chemist teaching me so many concepts around hair bleach to lighten and remove color in the hair. So many products that are tested will get runny, over flow and puff up, expand in beakers but don’t have any results on the hair. So my advice is that if you are walking around unhappy with your hair, feel free to call anyone on our team if you need some help figuring it out. To all of you box color fans, banana does not look cute on anyone. Cheers!

Baby Boomer Peels new at Indulge Salon York PA

February 05, 2012 By: Kimberly Category: anti-aging, chemical peels, hair color, haircutting, skin care

I have to tell you that our skin care is on the cutting edge when it comes to Guinot skincare and chemical peels. We have had the most intense training with these new chemical peels at our S. George Street location. You see, I have been feeling a little older and not as sexy as I used to feel. I see wrinkles around the eyes, I have been experiencing dark spots on the cheeks and I ask myself when did this happen? I look at myself everyday as I’m sure you do however; it has become quite apparent that my body is lashing out at me by producing skin folds that I am not accustomed to. The fight must go on to maintain our youth.

The new Baby Boomer peel so the skincare specialist calls it. I say it’s the peel that takes away the wrinkles and excess skin cell buildup that causes these cells to create wrinkles. The best part of this peel is that it will remove the dead skin, brighten the skin and create this unbelievable tightness that makes you look younger. At first I thought wow this is really tight and it started to peel as expected then by the third day my face was peeling like a snake. I was horrified that my skin was peeling and you know you are not supposed to pull on the loose skin. How could you not? Anything foreign on the body or face I will be at it. It’s part of the perfectionist personality. We feel that everything must be perfect. I would examine my skin and flakes, I would revisit the mirror in the house many times to make sure my skin was getting better day by day. It was it just took a little while. By the 4-5th day, I was better than ever. My make up looked better, my skin was smooother and you should have seen around the corners of my eyes! minimized wrinkles. I looked amazing. So if you would like to see my before’s and durings go to to see my face during the peeling process. It’s so worth it. I will be forever a fan..

Elan Sassoon visited Kimberly at Indulge Salon to talk about advanced education

May 30, 2011 By: Kimberly Category: Announcements, haircutting

Who wouldn’t want THE most famous hairstylist’ son in the world in their salon?

You might be surprised how kind, non arrogant, appreciative of the industry and the professionalism that Elan Sassoon presented to me, the owner of Indulge Salon on S. George Street. He is quite good looking and his personality is humbling. He had lots of support to start his own product line called Sojourn but even more importantly his personality, his creativity, his chemist that works with him on formulating products has outreached most companies committment to excellence.

What I love about interviewing new product lines and their owners is to compare and to answer the question? Does this company have integrity? Does the company go out of it’s way to keep us informed on the latest trends and styles. To answer these questions I would say yes to all. We are not carrying the line currently but it is paramount that we continue as salon owners to ensure our customers are getting the very best. We carry Wella Sebastian which is superb and the company supports us to the maximum amount of education. You know that I love that! I love education that will help my stylists and myself achieve new levels of expertise in our field. I will never scrimp on education. I have to have it. Its like you are insatiable with the knowledge that you learn and you can’t get enough.

To all my customers, I love you and thank you for your support!


Why do you color your hair?

May 28, 2011 By: Kimberly Category: hair color, haircutting, skin care

Kimberly Aworth, Stylist
Chestnut Brown hair

I would love to know your exact reason for coloring your hair.

I’ve had this epiphany about why to color. I am beyond 40’s and started to see my grey shoot out like alien hair. I couldn’t believe it. The first time I saw a grey hair I was driving home and the sun most of illuminated it and then I saw it sparkle in the mirror. I almost wrecked the car. So then I tweezed it until they started spreading like marigolds . Of course I don’t have the prettty grey, this grey makes my hair look dull and unattractive so I must color my hair with a darker shade of red brown or just go brown. My natural was a pretty chestnut brown but now I’ve given in to the natural brown approach with sparkling golden hilites during the summer to spruce up my bronzed skin. so what I would like to know is why do you color your hair?

Historically the only time people would color is to cover grey. Not so anymore. The trend a few years ago was the purple the pinks and any other crazy gellatin color that you could mash into the hair. The trend is still around with shaved sides and the bang complimenting with a pink and dark accents to create an artful masterpiece. Whatever goes!
The cool thing is adding colorful hair extensions can add color without the committment especially if you have an event that you want to have fun at without someone judging you. Let your hair down so to speak. Haven’t you ever wanted to try something without feeling foolish?

The feather frenzy hair extesnions are a great way to try some fun colors. It’s the rage so get out of the house get to the salon and go get some!

Now it goes between chunky hilites or a blend of colors that look natural.

If you get a quick second leave a comment and tell me your reasons crazy or not!

Brazilian Blowout Zero formula super smoothing at Indulge Salon

May 25, 2011 By: Kimberly Category: keratin treatment

We have used the Brazilian Blowout Zero treatment on clients and I can tell you withthe first hand experience it is a tremendous treatment to smooth out the frizzy hair if you want to keep your curl.
The curl is important to some women that really just want the flexibility to keep curl without the frizz. the frizz is so annoying when trying to style the hair. We customize the type of curl you want whether is really curly or just losen it up a little. We manage how much productr goes onto the hair to prevent the steaming  while using the flatiron to bake it into the hair. this type of treatment will wear off and its not permanent. You can shampoo the same day or the next day without fear of losing the smoothing effect of the hair. Its been incredible. If you are really interested in seeing our testimonials on the treatment go to and take a look at the Brazilian Blowout pages. You will be shocked at what people had to say about their hair from before and today. If you want to get onto our list for mailers please go to the site and log on, you will receive a 50.00 coupon via the web when you submit your name and address. We won’t hound you but we will keep you informed. Plus I just did a client named Julie Fabie who was traveling to Florida for a wedding and she was so excited about her treatment. The result was that her was not frizzy at all even in the humid weather. She should know. she has been a client for many years.

Stay tuned for more information on the Brazilian Blowout treatments.

Brazilian Blowout Testimonial

Stand out in style with the new summer hair colors!

May 23, 2011 By: Kimberly Category: Announcements, anti-aging, hair color, haircutting, highlights, long hair

Just in the new trends for the summer have a fabulous feelings of sophistication

in passionate Reds like a fire engine. Bam! The pallette fromn soft nude pinks to

burning hot reds. These color scream self confidence. Have you ever seen an ugly

red head? Certainly not. Sometimes they need a shot of luminosity of a hue that

brightens up their red or adds specks of orange to give brightness depending on their

skin tone but yeh shout to the world that you are a red head. Go for it.

Lumina is the blonde collection that is about the art of luxury. Inspired by

richness of tone, sensorial in design and collaboration of blonde tones blended

to create a cool or warm contrast that appeals to the eye. If you feel super ad-

venturous try the molten liquid metallics to create illusions of supreme

flawlessness. Cool.

Glamazon is about taking your hair on a voyage of discovery. Screams feminity

in its fierest form. This person will magnetically be self confident in her urban

surroundings and draws on nature. Think of some brown with natural hiltes that

are bolder at the bottom and works into the top of the hair. Exudes raw energy,

and her wild state of mind leads to a strong glamorous look that relys on earthy

tones with accents bolting through.

Lastly is Polaris that celebrates being a woman. A strong woman that is and being

audacious enough to define the sleek, refined, and sculptural contrasts through

the haircut. A powerful yet feminie elegance merges wit black as the definitive

statement for the base and new found accents that are cooler to stand out. This

look is for the power woman. Shazaam!

Ask yourself, Who are you?

How to give your high ponytail loft!

April 17, 2011 By: Kimberly Category: blow drying frizzy hair, haircutting, long hair

Hey got the scoop on how to give your hair loft in the crown of your head for those new styles coming down the runway. All you have to do is a teased ponytail.

1. work with your damp hair and spray some ocean spray – we have a spray by wella that just cam in on East Market STree. It will give the lift and texture that you need to tease and stay. mist the rest of the hair with a volumizing spray

2. blow dry your hair upside down to give the ultimate lift – boom! tousle and go in circles with your blowdryer. then create a side part in the front three inches at the hairline and section it off. set the rest of the hair at the crown with velcro rollers or your regular rollers for 10 minutes. Basically while you do your makeup. This is the ultimate in multi-tasking.

3. remove the rollers, tease the hair in the crown. if you don’t know how listen up. hold a handful of hair and drag the comb downwards towards the scalp while holding the hair taut with the other hand. boom. you should feel a nice matted base of the hair. then move onto the next section. spray all over with a workable spray or dry shampoo spray  that can be combed out.

4. make two ponytails. first brush the front parted section over the ears and fasten tight in the back with a ponytail holder. gather the rest of the hair and push up at the crown to give yourself as much vavoom in the crown that you want and secure that with the first pony tail. then tie them together.

Good luck! Call me if you need anything 717.846.4424