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Brazilian Blowout Zero formula super smoothing at Indulge Salon

May 25, 2011 By: Kimberly Category: keratin treatment

We have used the Brazilian Blowout Zero treatment on clients and I can tell you withthe first hand experience it is a tremendous treatment to smooth out the frizzy hair if you want to keep your curl.
The curl is important to some women that really just want the flexibility to keep curl without the frizz. the frizz is so annoying when trying to style the hair. We customize the type of curl you want whether is really curly or just losen it up a little. We manage how much productr goes onto the hair to prevent the steaming¬† while using the flatiron to bake it into the hair. this type of treatment will wear off and its not permanent. You can shampoo the same day or the next day without fear of losing the smoothing effect of the hair. Its been incredible. If you are really interested in seeing our testimonials on the treatment go to and take a look at the Brazilian Blowout pages. You will be shocked at what people had to say about their hair from before and today. If you want to get onto our list for mailers please go to the site and log on, you will receive a 50.00 coupon via the web when you submit your name and address. We won’t hound you but we will keep you informed. Plus I just did a client named Julie Fabie who was traveling to Florida for a wedding and she was so excited about her treatment. The result was that her was not frizzy at all even in the humid weather. She should know. she has been a client for many¬†years.

Stay tuned for more information on the Brazilian Blowout treatments.

Brazilian Blowout Testimonial

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