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How to give your high ponytail loft!

April 17, 2011 By: Kimberly Category: blow drying frizzy hair, haircutting, long hair

Hey got the scoop on how to give your hair loft in the crown of your head for those new styles coming down the runway. All you have to do is a teased ponytail.

1. work with your damp hair and spray some ocean spray – we have a spray by wella that just cam in on East Market STree. It will give the lift and texture that you need to tease and stay. mist the rest of the hair with a volumizing spray

2. blow dry your hair upside down to give the ultimate lift – boom! tousle and go in circles with your blowdryer. then create a side part in the front three inches at the hairline and section it off. set the rest of the hair at the crown with velcro rollers or your regular rollers for 10 minutes. Basically while you do your makeup. This is the ultimate in multi-tasking.

3. remove the rollers, tease the hair in the crown. if you don’t know how listen up. hold a handful of hair and drag the comb downwards towards the scalp while holding the hair taut with the other hand. boom. you should feel a nice matted base of the hair. then move onto the next section. spray all over with a workable spray or dry shampoo spray ┬áthat can be combed out.

4. make two ponytails. first brush the front parted section over the ears and fasten tight in the back with a ponytail holder. gather the rest of the hair and push up at the crown to give yourself as much vavoom in the crown that you want and secure that with the first pony tail. then tie them together.

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