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The NEW Brazil Balayage at Indulge Salon York PA

June 03, 2012 By: Kimberly Category: hair color, haircutting, highlights, long hair

I have seen some of the most beautiful hair colors in the world at our private showings with vendors. Yes, I’m that lucky to be able to be part of such prestigious seminars for hairstylists. I habitually take my team members to expose them to such talent that we interpret this and adjust for our clients in York, PA.

After seeing the new inspirations for the season, I travel to our salon Indulge, A colour salon 180 from ordinary in Greensboro, GA close to the Spotlight Theatres. As a matter of fact, I was just there performing a workshop on the latest trends in hair color which are Ombre highlights which infuse light into the hair from the mid lengths to the ends being much lighter in contrast with the scalp color which is usually a bit darker. Stunning colors were at large in our workshop mixing red violet shades with blonde on a dark blonde base. Our workshop attendees adored the color results.

We have been performing the Ombre highlighting technique for two years now and we have updated the technique to the Brazil Balayage which is where trend setters have had it with the old ways and incorporated their own rebellious influences that appear to be sun kissed. Cool violets which are more a truly cool cool blonde. Not so ashy but more on the beautiful cool violet tones.

We have another new technique that is darker in texture with mystery that has launched for the summer that has three zones appearing to mesh dark red violets into the deep richness of a dark dark almost black with violet blue tonality. This look is stunning on really shorter bobbed hair with more length in the front. This same technique can be done with blondes that have contrasting darker blonde with the cool violety tones.

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