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Where did the name Brazilian Keratin treatments start?

May 21, 2012 By: Kimberly Category: blonde hair, blow drying frizzy hair, highlights, keratin treatment, long hair, Uncategorized

Just the facts please. The Keratin treatments to smooth hair began in a rural town in Brazil more than 10 years ago. someone discovered that certain preservative chemicals seemed to link keratin to hair, resulting in a frizz free lock that lasted for months. Of course, this got the attention of Brazilian cosmetic manufacturers, who began testing and formulating.

Researchers discovered when the outside layer of the hair called the cuticle is opened, the protein keratin can be applied and absorbed along with a cosmetic-grade formaldehyde, which is known to cross link proteins in the hair. Then, the cuticle is sealed with multiple passes of the heated flat iron at 450 degrees. On pre-lightened or sensitive hair, we use less intense heat which seals the cuticle closed resulting in protected hair. During the flat ironing process, the heat can cause fumes to be released. In the beginning of our salon experience with products such as these, we found that the more solution that was used the more intense the fumes. That situation had occured only one time in the salon and then we had reduced the amount of solution used for the application to be absorbed into the hair. This product only works when heated with a higher heat. This step – the fumes (remember if to much is used) is the center of the keratin treatment controversy. Our salon, Indulge, A colour salon 180 from Ordinary, has trained many stylist in these specific treatments. We are very experienced and discovered that most of the problems were the salon owners and stylists that were not experienced in the field and didn’t understand that less product is more beneficial that using to much. Usually, in the beauty industry the stylists think more is better in which this is not the case.

The facts are according to Doug Schoon, a chemist and presiden to  Schoon Scientific in Dana Point, California, any keratin treatment product that supposedly contains formaldehyde actually uses an ingredient called formalin. Formaldehyde is a gas and cannot be a liquid, so could not be added as a cosmetic ingredient. Mr. Schoon explained that formlin is created when dry formaldehyde gas is reacted with water to create a new and different substanced called methylene glycol.

Methylene glycol is  a totally different chemical with completely different properties with completely different characteristics. apparently, this has been a long standing year mistake made by scientists, doctors and regulators until Last December when formalin’s name was officially changed in the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients dictionary.

when you heat the formalin, it can convert back to the original form of formaldehyde gas in the air. Doug Schoon is currently working with a manufacturer to measure the amount of formaldehyde fumes stylists may be exposed to when using flat irons with formalin-containing products. This is good news.

We have learned to ventilate well in our salon so that the fumes are not released into the face of our customer and to our stylists. the gas does evaporate however; we do not want to take any chances. If you are ready for a Brazilian Blowout keratin treatment call us at 717.846.4424 or 717.718.4465 for more information or visit our site at and click services to read all of our information regarding keratin straightening and smoothing treatments.

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